Newsletter articles on the care, repair and preservation of fine art and antiques.

The differences in the current philosophies concerning the subjects of conservation and restoration are much too broad in scope to discuss in a short newsletter format. I leave that to others to debate. What I hope to offer is some practical advice for dealing with the wear and tear of age and use on items in everyday use, mostly in ‘residential’ environments.

The first consideration in repairing a piece is to stabilize it from further deterioration, the second is to reverse the damage already done. The individual owner must decide for himself or herself the consequences of repair work and its effect on the value of the piece, as well as the advisability of a nonprofessional ‘working’ on a valuable object, antique or artwork.

That said, I can take no responsibility for the methods and applications of the information imparted, nor the results obtained, as the variables involved are out of my control. Any advice given must be evaluated and undertaken at the sole risk of the person performing the action. The ‘solutions’ presented herein are to be taken as ‘tips and tricks’, some have been used personally, and some are merely passed on as information come across during the course of work and business.

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