General Information: France

The following list of links is intended for those who may be planning a visit to France, or those who are interested in France. It is certainly not comprehensive; these are things that I find to be of interest or things that might help to make a trip more productive or pleasant.

I am not a travel expert nor an authority on France; dates and times change constantly, and therefore deny any responsibility for information that may no longer be current.

Living in France as an American gives me a different perspective than that of a French citizen, and I am interested in sharing any information that may help others experience some of the pleasure found in living here!


Shows, expositions, salons and fairs Just a small list of possibilities if you are interested in treasure hunting either as a professional or a tourist. These include professional shows as well as community flea markets.
Travel and transportation information Notes on travel possibilities that aren't always apparent.
General cultural information and tips Tips on cultural differences and polite interactions with the French people.