Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)




  • Are our items authentic antiques?
    A Will And A Way guarantees that all representations made regarding the age, origin, condition, and other attributes of our gallery items are true and accurate. We stand behind our antiques and our expertise without exception, and try always to describe the pieces fully and clearly. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our items. 

    We do occasionally offer reproductions or decorative items that are not antiques if we feel they are of high quality and might be of interest as decorative pieces. These items are always clearly described.

  • What is the difference between 'period' or 'époque' and 'style' in our descriptions?
    'Period' furniture was produced during the period or époque in which the style evolved. Furniture that is of a certain 'style' was made later, often referred to as 'reproductions' or with the words 'in the style of '.


  • Are restoration services or appraisals offered?
    We can provide professional restoration services at your request. We work exclusively with master craftsmen who understand and respect the beauty of fine antiques. Great care is taken to maintain the integrity of the piece and to minimize the effect of restoration upon its value by using traditional materials and techniques whenever possible.

    As professional antique dealers, we stake our reputations on every representation we make regarding the authenticity or other qualities of antiques we appraise. This is not possible without actually seeing the piece and being able to examine all the details. Therefore, we do not offer appraisals over the internet.

  • Do we offer wholesale pricing?
    For our clients with a valid business license and a resale tax number, we do offer wholesale pricing. Please visit our ' Wholesale ' page for information on opening a wholesale account with us.

  • What is our return policy?
    Customer satisfaction is of primary concern to us, and we do allow items to be returned. Each return is evaluated individually and must be approved by us before the item is returned. For a full description of our return policy, please visit our ' Policies ' page.

Payment & Shipping

  • What shipping methods are available?
    We ship your purchases to you worldwide via air, sea and/or ground depending on your location and preferences. All shipments are fully insured if requested*, professionally packed and/or crated. We do try to use recycled materials but never compromise on the packing of items. Delivery times depend on your location, method of shipping and whether the item is shipped from Europe or the United States.
    *Availability of insurance may vary according to the item or shipping method.

  • How much will shipping charges be?
    Shipping costs vary by weight, size, and destination. To provide an estimate, we need to know which item's) are to be shipped, the delivery city and  the postal or zip code, and whether the item is being delivered to a residence or commercial location. Additional charges may apply if the delivery includes a lift gate requirement for larger items or placement in an interior is requested. Grouped shipments are more economical and we will store items purchased until a grouped shipment can be arranged, at your request. 

  • What are our payment terms?
    We accept checks, money orders, credit cards, (vial online services such as Paypal, Moneybookerrs and Google Checkout) and wire transfers. We require payment in full before items are shipped or picked up. Payment arrangements are made when you are ready to purchase an item. Wwe may also offer a layaway plan with prior approval.

Privacy Policy

  • What is our privacy policy?
    We use the information you supply through this web site only to reply to your requests. Your information is never sold or shared, and you will notreceive repeated junk e-mail ("spam") as a result of providing information through this web site.